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Everyone’s getting in on the charity act to increase company presence. 

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this.  We encourage it, as Isis is a not-for-profit that’s all about helping people in our community.  But we are different.  And we want to build business relationships with people are also a little different from the norm. 

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Bonnie explains it best

Here’s what Bonnie, someone who has used our service, says how we made a difference to her:

“Isis comes from the other side of the issue in terms of dealing with the deeper underlying issues and not being so prescribed - it didn’t promote a sense of illness or focus too much on food like other programs have. 

Before Isis I felt shame and a sense of absolute hopelessness but, day by day, I feel relieved of the burden associated with the eating issue…I feel much stronger and don’t feel as isolated or that I’m abnormal…I’m more positive and hopeful than I have been for a long, long time.”

What we can do for you

At Isis, we are about to engage much more actively with the community than we ever have before.  And we know the community will respond well because body image and eating issues have become a strong concern for many people.

This means Isis is reaching out to broader networks and creating stronger relationships with various groups and individuals in the community.  

But it’s important to note that issues around eating and body image are sensitive.  So when it comes to fostering partnerships with business, we are conscious of what is going to work for all involved.  

In short, it’s a matter of finding the right match so everyone wins.

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