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Our history (herstory) & past projects

Isis – The Eating Issues Centre began over fifteen years ago as the Centre for Women's Action on Eating Issues.  

We have always been a community/not-for-profit organisation funded through Queensland Health to give therapeutic support and information about eating issues.

The first of its kind

Isis was originally funded in 1996 by Queensland Health’s Mental Health branch to be the first project of its kind funded in Australia to develop an alternative approach to the bio-medical model of working with women with eating issues.  

We continue to be funded by the Queensland Government, NGO Mental Health Funding, administered though Queensland Health.  We thank the Queensland Government for their ongoing support and funding partnership which enables us to provide a range of high quality community based support services to people with serious eating issues.


Isis’ first mission

Isis was created to provide, from a feminist or woman-centred perspective:

  •     therapeutic group work for women
  •     counselling services for women
  •     resourcing & training services to workers in the area of eating issues

These services were developed in consultation and partnership with women with eating issues, and what people recognised was helpful in moving towards recovery and empowerment.  These services are still a core part of what Isis does today.

Special group therapy

Isis was specifically funded to utilise a feminist practice approach in ‘group work’ for women with eating issues. 

A feminist approach to eating issues understands that eating behaviours are the ways women have found to deal with underlying issues they experience in their lives (see About feminism and eating issues).

Current Projects

- Isis Mentors- Promoting Recovery and Social Change through Peer Support. This is an intentional peer support and mentoring project that provides training for people with lived experiecne of eating issues recovery and healthy body image to provide support and mentoring to those in early recovery.  This project is proudly funded by a Community Development and Capacity Building Grant from Brisbane City Council.

-  The Isis - I love me- Body Image Peer Support, Mentor and Leadership Schools Pilot Project.  This is a school based primary prevention and early intervention program designed to promote positive body image and self esteem, and leadership towards a positive body image revolution.  This project is proundly funded through Department of Communities, Mental Health Funding.

Past projects

- Primary Prevention and Early Intervention Resource Development Project, proudly funded by Queensland Health

- Eating Issues Men's Project, proudly funded by Queensland Health

- Sponsorship and Marketing Project, proudly funded by Queensland Health

- Vulcana Circus Body Image Project, collaborative project with Vulcana Women's Circus and Brisbane Youth Service.

- Isis Community Garden Project- The social inclusion garden, creating sustainable community garden at Isis.  Funded through Donations and volunteer    contributions.

- Isis Website and Digital Strategy Project, Proudly funded by Mental Health Council of Australia Capacity Building Grant

- Helping Adolescents Become Strong Adults- School Based Prevention Initiative.  Proudly funded by Gambling Community Benefit Fund

- Research Projects highlighting the effectiveness of Feminist Group Therapy.  Proud collaborations with Isis and universities including QUT and ACU.

- Mosaic Art Project - Community Artwork raising awareness of eating issues. Currently on display at the Royal Women's Hospital, Brisbane.

- Bite Me. School based resource for young women with eating issues, resource booklet, CD and artwork designed by young women.

- Eat This- Video Project

- Setting the Table Straight- Resource Development Project- Manual for working with Women with Eating Issues, funded by Jupiters Community Benefit Fund

- Human Service Quality Framework- Policy Development Funding, Department of Communities, Mental Health

- Body Image and Eating Issues Professional Development Training for Health, Education and Welfare Workers Across Qld, funded by Qld Health.

- Therapeutic Interventions in Eating Disorders (TIED) National Conference 2001, Gambling Communities Benefit Fund.

- Photographic Project - The joys, and heartaches of being a woman, Funded by Eating Disorders Network Queensland.

- No Body's Business- Play developed for Professionals to raise awareness of Eating Issues.  In collaboration with playwright Therese Collier.

- Time Limited Brief Therapy Trial

- Group Work Schools Project


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