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Study on risk-factors associated with self injury and eating issus

s part of a Bachelor of Psychological Science honours project, Bridie Stewart is looking at risk factors associated with self-injury and eating issues.

The study involves an anonymous, online questionnaire and is open to anyone 18 or older – regardless of whether they have experience with self-injury or eating issues. The questionnaire takes about 10 minutes and your time is greatly appreciated!!

For more information and to participate, please go to

Calling all journal and diary writers

The Diary Healer


Invitation to Share your ‘Evidence of Life Experience’ in new book by June Alexander


 The Diary Healer explores how the diary can help understand, inspire, heal and liberate self and provide a learning tool for others.


Writing about our life, especially the important issues, can help us to better understand these issues and eventually diagnose problems that stem from them.


Yet the process of diary writing remains a largely untapped resource in health care professions, in helping people to heal and ‘know who they are’ at every life stage, and evidence-based research particularly in the field of eating disorders, is sadly lacking. This book aims to inspire correction to this imbalance.


Diary writing is particularly helpful in helping us to understand who we are, and cope with challenges such as mental or physical illness, emotional pain and trauma.  In The Diary Healer I draw on diary writing and eating disorder experience, together with evidence-based research, to explain why and how the process of diary writing can assist in recovery and in maximizing life quality and potential. While this book’s primary healing focus is on eating disorders, it offers guidance for all who seek to be more in touch and in tune with their true self.


Hop on board a new literary adventure by sharing excerpts of your diary writing in a book to be called  The Diary Healer. In this book I am setting out to demonstrate how writing a diary or journal can help us understand, inspire, heal and liberate our self and at the same time provide a tool to educate others – such the health profession – on what the inside story of an eating disorder, what living with this illness, is really like.  - See more at:

Befriend Your Body: A Yoga Workshop

Sarah Ball is running a two day workshop for women in late March. Please find the enclosed flyer below and please get in contact with Sarah via her website:

A Summary from the Carolyn Costin Workshop: For those wanting to recover, please remember...

Several weeks ago,  Carolyn Costin (author of ‘8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder’ and founder of Monte Nido Residential Recovery Centres in the US) presented two workshops.  Below is a summary of key points that two people in the Isis Mentor program would like to share.


Reconnect 2013 - Be Inpsired!

Please read the following about Reconnect 2013. Our speakers, Sarah and Alana, bravely had this to say:

Become an Isis Member

Each year Isis relies strongly on donations and alternative sources of revenue to provide information, support and counselling services to people with eating issues. By becoming a member of Isis, you will be supporting this valuable work as well as the goals of Isis.  It is now more important than ever to have a solid network of members and support. Please consider becoming a member of Isis and passing this information through your networks.

Isis 2013 AGM!

You are warmly invited to the 2013 Isis AGM!

Please join us to reflect and celebrate on that very busy year that was, as we highlight some of the challenges and celebrate our successes together. 

Isis Reconnect 2013

Are you seeking inspiration and ideas, and connection with a
supportive community?
Come along to Isis - Reconnect

This is an opportunity to reflect on the year gone, identify and reconnect with your strengths, celebrate your resilience and create a recovery vision for 2014.
Whether you are new to Isis or already in contact with our services, we would love to see you!

Isis is moving and we need your help!

As many of you may know Isis has been urgently seeking an alternative premises due to legal challenges by the new property owner in regards to our zoning.  We have decided to terminate our lease and cease operating as a home business to move to a commercial premises and  need to do this by the 20th November.   Although we are sad to leave this premises we are excited about the possibilities of moving to a new location and further developing partnerships and community support.   As part of this we are making a call out to you.. seeking assistance, donations or sponsorship to assist us to move. 

There are some very important ways to offer your support & every little bit counts!

New study on the effectiveness of recovery stories seeking participants now

A new study from the University of Sydney on the effectiveness of reading stories of recovery in treatment for Anorexia Nervosa. Which recovery stories can be helpful? Which are not so helpful?

We need your ideas and feedback!

Isis- The Eating Issues Centre Inc.  was set up in 1996 in close consultation with people with eating issues and key stakeholders, and we need your involvement and input to help us to keep making decisions about our services that are in touch with current needs.  

As many of you know, due to zoning issues, Isis will be relocating by the end of November so are seeking feedback ASAP on the kind of location you would prefer for our next premises.  We have attached a survey regarding your thoughts about location/co-location (please return this ASAP, or by 18th October as a decision needs to be made within the next week). Please judge for yourself which questions you are comfortable answering and whether you would like to include any information that will identify you. 

Isis values community input, ideas, expertise and energy! So please take the time to fill in the survey below.Thank you for supporting the work of Isis and being willing to provide our service with feedback to inform our planning processes.

Recovery is Possible! September Newsletter edition available now

Recovery is Possible! is the title of our latest newsletter edition.
Email info [at] isis [dot] org [dot] au to join our newsletter mailing list for all editions of our newsletter or our professional development mailing list for all upcoming information, events & workshops relating to eating issues.

Isis thanks Queensland Health for continued funding until 30th June 2014

Isis thanks Queensland Health for our ongoing funding.  We have recently recieved news that our funding will be continued for an additional 6 months until 30th June 2013, and so we are happily still open for new referrals.

As all community mental health services are being reviewed and will be tendering for funding beyond June, we will be keeping our fingers crossed to continue services next year. We are working on a consultation forum and will be seeking your input soon. If you would like to support Isis please consider joining us and becoming a member, and if you have skills, knowledge and experience that could to assist us with tendering (or know someone who has) we’d love to hear from you.  Warm regards from the Isis team.

Please contact Amanda on amanda_dearden [at] isis [dot] org [dot] au with any queries or info [at] isis [dot] org [dot] au for further information on becoming an Isis member.



Eating Disorders Conference Calls for Abstracts

The Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference will be held on the 31st March to the 1st of April 2014 at the QT Hotel, Gold Coast. Currently the conference are calling for abstracts. Please see the following the further details about the conference and who to contact.

Recovery is Possible- Recovery Forum, Art Exhibition and Resource Launch for Body Image and Eating Disorders Awareness Week 7th September 2013

 7th September, from 6pm and the Brisbane Powerhouse, Stores Building, come and join our Body image and Eating Disorders Awareness Week Recovery Forum, our theme is: Recovery is Possible!

Want to feel inspired election night?  Come along and hear recovery stories at our Recovery Forum, check out our Art exhibition and help us celebrate Body Image and Eating Disorders Awareness Week and all the great resources and achievements of the last 12 months.


The EDA art exhibition will be able to be viewed between 6pm -6.30pm on the evening.

At 6.30pm, the official program of speakers will begin, with the Recovery Forum starting at 7pm

 Come and hear some of our Mentees talking about what has helped them embrace recovery

We look forward to seeing you there!  See attached flyer for details

Seeking Participants Peer Support Interventions for Eating Disorders

Jacqueline Le Mesurier is seeking clinicians, carers and recovered consumers for her research into peer support interventions for eating disorders.


Positive News! - Isis has received 6 months further funding

Isis - The Eating Issues Centre Inc. has had our funding extended by Queensland Health for another six months and are open for further referrals.

Male Body Perceptions Reseach Project

Are you interested in being part of a Masters of Pschology research Project or know someone who is?  Ivana Emily Govic is a provisionally registered psychologist completing the Master of Psychology (Clinical) program at the Australian College of Applied Psychology, she is seeking:

· Heterosexual male participants who are aged between 16 and 25 years of age

· Who engage in regular exercise, competitive sport and or attend a gym

· To complete an online survey that takes approximately 10- 15 minutes

· About male body perceptions.

Isis Newsletter May 2013

The theme for the May 2013 newsletter is recovery and revolution! This issue includes updates on the work that Isis has been doing including social action projects and recovery orientated workshops. Read the inspirational stories and poetry by the determined women who are achieving recovery.

Working with Children and Young People With Eating Issues

Brisbane Metro Interagency Forum invites you to attend

"Working with Children and Young People With Eating Issues" \

When: March 7th

Time: Registration 8-9am, Presentations 9-12:30pm

Where: Royal Childrens Hospital, Herston Rd

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