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'Pressures to Diet Weighing on Children'
4 March 2012
Introduction: "Children as young as four, panicked by aggressive anti-obesity messages, are starving themselves..."

Eating Disorers on the Rise
BMag, Issue 234, 22 May 2012, p. 12
Introduction: "The figures are disturbingly high but is government funding going the right way to help?..."


 **** In August 2012 the Honourable Mark Butler, Minister for Mental Health and Ageing, formally launched a new media guideline, Reporting and Portrayal of Eating Disorders.  This resource provides practical advice for journalists, editors and other media professionals to guide best-practice reporting and portrayal of eating disorders. It is also helpful for anyone who might be guiding media professionals who are writing a story about eating disorders.

The resource is now part of the Mindframe suite of resources for the media for reporting on mental health and suicide and can be accessed online at



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