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Isis services

  • Individual counselling
    Confidential one-to-one sessions made affordable through our free/income-based fee structures or available rebates.
  • Professional group therapy
    Gain insight into the experience of eating isseus and explore shared themes and underlying issues in a supportive environment.  Designed around the specific needs and interestes of each group and facilitated by therapists experienced in working with people with eating issues.  Low cost 18 week/10 week recovery focused groups available.
  • The Mentor, Meal Support, Training and Wellbeing Program
    Have you recovered from an eating issue or do you have an eating issue and are you motivated towards recovery? We are currently seeking potential mentors and mentees in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Darling Downs regions to take part in our peer mentor program.

    The Mentor, Meal Support, Training and Wellbeing Program currently funded by the Queensland Mental Health Commission aims to address the gaps in service delivery for people in the early stages of recovery from eating issues.  Through a network of trained mentors with lived experience of recovery from eating issues, the program not only provides out of hours and non-scheduled emotional and general social support to people in early recovery from an eating issue but also allows people who are recovered to ‘give back’ to the community by supporting others on their journey of recovery.  
  • Talks & workshops
    For schools and community groups: information and inspirational discussion about eating issues - including prevention and early intervention.
  • Information & referral 
    We offer information, referrals to support choices other than Isis, resources (articles, books, websites and more) and access to our borrowing library at the Isis Centre.
  • Training & resources
    A range of training options are offered for those who work with people with eating issues.
  • Research
    Ongoing research and development of group work models and counselling services - including our pilot project working with men.



Here’s what Bonnie, someone who has used our service, says how we made a difference to her:

“Isis comes from the other side of the issue in terms of dealing with the deeper underlying issues and not being so prescribed - it didn’t promote a sense of illness or focus too much on food like other programs have.

Before Isis I felt shame and a sense of absolute hopelessness but, day by day, I feel relieved of the burden associated with the eating issue…I feel much stronger and don’t feel as isolated or that I’m abnormal…I’m more positive and hopeful than I have been for a long, long time.”

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