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Isis services

  • Individual counselling
    Confidential one-to-one sessions made affordable through our free/income-based fee structures or available rebates.
  • Professional group therapy
    Gain insight into the experience of eating isseus and explore shared themes and underlying issues in a supportive environment.  Designed around the specific needs and interestes of each group and facilitated by therapists experienced in working with people with eating issues.  Low cost 18 week/10 week recovery focused groups available.
  • Talks & workshops
    For schools and community groups: information and inspirational discussion about eating issues - including prevention and early intervention.
  • Information & referral 
    We offer information, referrals to support choices other than Isis, resources (articles, books, websites and more) and access to our borrowing library at the Isis Centre.
  • Training & resources
    A range of training options are offered for those who work with people with eating issues.
  • Research
    Ongoing research and development of group work models and counselling services - including our pilot project working with men.



Here’s what Bonnie, someone who has used our service, says how we made a difference to her:

“Isis comes from the other side of the issue in terms of dealing with the deeper underlying issues and not being so prescribed - it didn’t promote a sense of illness or focus too much on food like other programs have.

Before Isis I felt shame and a sense of absolute hopelessness but, day by day, I feel relieved of the burden associated with the eating issue…I feel much stronger and don’t feel as isolated or that I’m abnormal…I’m more positive and hopeful than I have been for a long, long time.”

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